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Over 80 Years of Towing Experience

Titan Transportation has grown strictly through business-to-business and referral marketing. As its credibility and reputation have grown, Titan is garnering more contracts with local municipalities. Titan has acquired a multitude of clients and many businesses. While some businesses have gone away, Titan has continued to expand its client database. These contracts help fill the time and finances for Titan, but the majority of the business comes from the municipal contracts Titan has. Currently, Titan is contracted with the Downey Police Department, Bell Gardens Police Department, and California Highway Patrol on a rotation basis to do impound towing and vehicle recovery.

Although the growth has been rapid, it has been efficient due to the dedication of the owner and the loyalty and commitment of the employees. Titan has based its success on our excellent reputation built on honesty, integrity, timeliness, and productivity. Many of our contacts and customers have given Titan extreme support by giving Titan the chance to prove we can provide superior, timely, dependable, and high-integrity service. Titan has not lost a single contract since opening the doors and beginning to create these strong business contacts. To increase its range of services, Titan plans to continue its growth by submitting bids to other local municipalities.


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