Highway Prepper

I dont have the drivers name but call center or i believe dispatch weren't disrespectful driver was a real freind helped me out with my car that was tampered with at Maacos auto and paint this driver was hard working and dedicated prices arent that bad neither!

Gloria acosta

What a great service I was amazed on there response time and how professional the young man was "derek " he to my vehicle from bell gardens to Fontana and was carefull with my car not like some other tow company I have to deal with before , thank you for your professionalism "derek" .

Kevin Pleitez

Overall great experience, prompt service, driver was attentive, and overall got the job done. Will definitely use them again. Thanks guys!!

Javier Banuelos

Business is business and if anybody who doesn't like tow companies should avoid getting introble with law-enforcement let's keep it real you want to play there will be a consequence


Great service and very nice people.

Barry A. Curl

One of the most above-board towing operations I've ever had any experience with.

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